Skip the Groomer; Take Your Pet to the Vet

For most people, taking a pet to a groomer goes a little like this: Notice Fido needs a little pampering. Google “Pet Grooming Greenville SC”. Find a groomer nearby. Schedule an appointment.

Sure, it’s straightforward, but there’s a lot of benefit to considering the alternative: Taking your dog or cat to your vet, instead. Here at Ambassador Animal Hospital in Greenville, S.C., we believe in being a holistic partner to you, your family and  your four-legged friends, and so we offer a number of grooming services as part of holistic healthcare for your loved fur baby.

After all, there are a number of benefits to letting your veterinary hospital replace your dog groomer (or your cat groomer, for that matter!), and most of them center on utilizing the expertise of our local veterinary techs and staff to meet the needs of your pet.

So, here are four reasons that you should let your Vet’s Staff Groom your Pet.

Knowledgeable Staff.

Sure, the average groomer is nice, but but at a veterinary hospital the groomer has the years of animal health and care knowledge of her doctors and technicians at her fingertips. We believe that our added level of expertise and experience comes into play whenever we interact with your pet—and that includes bathing, nail trims, or even giving them a new summer ‘do.

Monitoring skin or other conditions.

As part of the overall health care of your pet, it helps to monitor them for things like dental needs or skin conditions. As your groomer, we can help take that pressure off of you, and we’ll keep an eye on them for any issues that may arise over time.

More Comprehensive Service.

Because we already see your pet for annual checkups, vaccines, and other concerns, we know your pet and their needs on an individual level, and are happy to provide comprehensive services that fit their—and your—needs. It’s for this reason that we can schedule grooming appointments during their checkups, or even while you’re boarding them on vacation, saving you time and your pets another trip.

Hands-on time with your pet.

You wouldn’t leave your kid with a different babysitter every week, and that’s because there’s a lot to be said for consistency and familiarity. We think the same should apply to your four-legged family members—and that by being a consistent friend and veterinary provider for them, they will be less agitated, nervous, or anxious with us, than simply being dropped off at a spa for the day. This familiarity also helps us establish a deeper relationship with your pet—making regular check-ups and monitoring easier on everyone, too.

Want to schedule your pet for a grooming visit? Give us a call at Ambassador Animal Hospital and schedule your services today.

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