New Year’s Resolutions Your Dog is Making This Year

Over the holidays, we asked some of the dogs who were boarding with us to tell us their top ten New Year’s Resolutions for 2018. We were not at all surprised by the most common answers—dogs want to love their pet parents more, give more, and do more with the people in their lives this year.

What do you think your dog would like to accomplish in 2018?


Top Ten Resolutions for Your Dog


Be More Loving.

I love my pet parents and all of their friends and all of the kids who come into our home more than anything in the whole wide world! But can you ever love too much? I don’t think so.


Learn to Trust My Pet Parents Even More.

When I see my people, I just want to flop on my back and expose my belly to them. It’s the happiest feeling I know. In 2018, I resolve to have that feeling at least twice as often!


Learn a Couple New Tricks.

We all know what they say about old dogs, but I’m only seven in human years. I think I still have a couple tricks up my sleeve. Or, that’s where I’d keep my new tricks if I wore sleeves.


Remember to Help Around the House.

My pet parents do so much for me. The least I can do to repay them is a few simple chores like gardening, taking out the trash, mowing the lawn. That way they’ll really know how much I love them!


…And Run Errands.

My pet parents are always so stressed about errands, so I’m going to take over the grocery runs this year. Who’s a good boy? Me, that’s who. (Bonus: This also puts me in charge of doggie treats. They never get quite enough, in my opinion.)


Catch That Annoying Thing That’s Always Behind Me.

What is it? What is it? What is it?!?!


Find Time For Joy.

I don’t exactly know what this phrase means, but I hear humans say it a lot, so I guess it’s important. Who doesn’t have time for joy? I’m pretty sure joy is my natural state.  


Remember to Relax Once in a While.

Ahhhh. Life isn’t all about doing chores for my pet parents and protecting our home from the incessant barrage of mail carriers who come by every single day. I hope it’s not too selfish, but I resolve to take some me time this year.


Become Best Friends With the Cat.

The household feline tries to deny it…but I know, deep down, she wants to be my friend.


Be More Curious.

Most of all, in 2018, I plan to be more alive and more curious about people, other animals, and the world around me. I want to sniff more (yes, even in places where I’m not supposed to sniff) and experience all the smells, tastes, and textures life has to offer. After all, curiosity killed the cat—not the dog.


Well, it was really tough limiting it to ten. There are so, so many things I need to do more of or do less of or change about myself. I drink out of the toilet too often, I get on the couch sometimes. I even steal food when no one is looking. I’m surprised my pet parents put up with me and all my flaws—that’s why I have to jump on them and love them so, so much every time they come home!

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