New Year’s Resolutions Your Cat is Making This Year

We know that most people make New Year’s Resolutions each January, but did you know that many pets jot down a couple goals for the upcoming year as well? It’s true!

If you’re as curious as we are about what hopes and aspirations your cat may be feeling this year, keep reading. We asked our office cat, Missy, to share her top ten New Year’s Resolutions with our readers. Perhaps your own cat will get inspired by some of Missy’s picks.


Top Ten Resolutions for Your Cat


Get More Sleep.

I barely got twenty hours a day in 2017, and that just isn’t enough to keep me at my best. I will pay more attention to my needs and prioritize my health this year.


Get More Exercise.

I must maintain my feline form!


Conquer My Fear of Water.

Nope! Nevermind. Maybe next year.


Finally Achieve My Dream of Becoming a Massage Therapist.

I knead on the couch, the carpet, the bed blankets, and my pet parents all day long, but
no one seems to be taking the hint. This year, I vow to forget about what everyone else
thinks and just do it. Massage school, here I come!


Spend Less Time on My Smartphone.

I can’t help it! Those blinking lights and buzzes and dings are so mesmerizing. I could stare at the screen for hours. But, no. Its power over me ends in 2018.


Savor Life’s Simple Pleasures.

I want to make an effort to slow down, reflect, and spend more time on the simple pursuits that brought me such joy as a kitten. Unspooling an entire roll of toilet paper. Playing with boxes. These are the delights of youth that I miss the most.


Catch That Red Dot and Find Out What It’s Doing Here.

My pet parents seem to think the red dot is hilarious. I find it quite sinister. Once I catch it and ask it a few questions, we can settle the debate once and for all.  


Remind My Pet Parents Who’s Boss.

Sometimes, it seems they forget—sometimes, they even act like the dog is in charge! I’m not great at speaking up for myself, but I have ways of letting them know who runs the show around here.


Take Over the World.

Of course, this makes my list of resolutions every year. But this year…my gut tells me this is my year.


I know that the lovely women who bring me food asked for 10 resolutions—but I rarely do what they say. I’m tired, I haven’t eaten, and 9 resolutions is plenty for someone as close to perfection as I am. 10 resolutions is
for the dogs. Hopefully, you’ve gotten some ideas you can use for 2018. If not, figure out your own goals for yourself already.

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