Dog Boarding & Cat Boarding in Greenville, SC

We love to play.

We offer cat and dog boarding at our Greenville facility—and our services include special attention and perks that other boarding kennels charge extra for, like outdoor play time, administration of medicine, and more.

We also provide a Doggie Daycare service for busy professionals who want their companions to have attention and exercise during the week.
To inquire about cat boarding, dog boarding, or doggie daycare, request an appointment online or call our office at (864) 271-1112.

Dog and Cat Boarding in Greenville

Our Overnight Cat and Dog Boarding Services

Why leave your pet with a friend, family member, or untrained pet sitter while you’re away? That doesn’t sound like a vacation to us—it sounds like a lot of worry, hassle, and checking-in to see if everything is OK.

Our goal with the overnight boarding program for dogs and cats at Ambassador Animal Hospital is to treat your pet like our family, making your travel plans worry-free. Our facility includes a large, fenced yard where dogs can run and play. And, unlike other boarding kennels in the Greenville area, we never charge extra to take your dog out to play. If you drop by our office, you are likely to see our boarders running, splashing in our doggie pool, playing ball, or frolicking with like-sized furry friends. In fact, many of our clients tell us their pets actually look forward to staying with us, which makes us smile, because we look forward to it, too.

Cat and Dog Boarding With Backup

Boarding your dog or cat with a licensed veterinarian team comes with a whole host of benefits. Of course, there’s the peace of mind that comes with having experts looking after your pet. At Ambassador Animal Hospital you never have to worry about your pet not getting the care he/she needs while you’re away, as we have a full staff of highly-trained pet care professionals. Our veterinarians are always available to check your dog or cat in case anything goes wrong. Our technicians are trained to pick up on irregularities in your pet’s behavior and alert the doctor, and our pharmacy is always available, so if needed we can prescribe medication to treat your pet.

We are also the better boarding choice for dogs or cats who have ongoing chronic conditions that require medication, like diabetes and arthritis. Since health is our goal there is never any additional charge for administering medication to your cat or dog while boarding. We also encourage our customers to combine a boarding stay with their pet’s annual vaccines and examination, a recheck for a skin infections, or a laser therapy protocol. We can also arrange to do procedures such as an annual dental cleaning while your pet is staying with us.

Doggie Daycare Program

We offer doggie daycare for busy dog owners who still want their pets to get attention and exercise during the day. We understand that sometimes life becomes hectic, but you don’t want your dog or, especially, your puppy to get neglected just because you have to be away from home. Daytime boarding for dogs has numerous benefits, for both you and your pet.

Whether you’re putting in a lot of overtime at work due to a new project, have a new baby at home that is taking all of your time, or have other work or family responsibilities that are making it difficult to provide your dog with much-needed attention, we are here to make your life less complicated. Simply drop your four-footed friend off in the morning for a full day of care, pampering, and play. Pick up your happy, refreshed  pup whenever you’re ready.

Get in Touch With Us

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