Check Out Our Updated Veterinary Hospital and Clinic

We’ve Got a Brand New Look!

Since Ambassador Animal Hospital changed ownership in 2013, we’ve been working hard to improve our veterinary hospital facilities and update our look. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished so far and invite you to browse our renovation gallery to see our progress.

Outside of Our Building

We believe that taking your pet to a veterinary appointment should be a calm and relaxing experience—for both you and your furry family member. We also know that your experience begins before you set foot in the lobby, which is why we’ve spent a lot of time renovating the outside of our building and making it handicap accessible.  We have also recently installed a new sign to make our business more visible from the road, and easier to find when driving your dog or cat to the vet!

Our Lobby

Our lobby for all intakes and appointments, from annual wellness exams to diagnostic services, and more. We’ve renovated the lobby and front office in soothing blues and greens and added a whiteboard to welcome our patients. We also opened up the wall, taking down the barrier that used to exist between you and the front desk staff, making you feel more welcome. Of course, the best feature of our new lobby is the smiling, friendly faces at the front desk who will help you get your dog or cat checked in quickly. Download our online forms for even faster services at your next visit.

Our New Digital Ultrasound Machine

Here’s a closer look at our upgraded digital ultrasound machine. Our in-house diagnostics lab, complete with ultrasound studio, means that we can provide quicker answers regarding your pet’s health—and provide a higher level of service to you and your four-legged friend.


Updated Kennels

Going out of town? Our freshly-painted, renovated kennels provide a clean place for your dog or cat to hang out while you’re out of town, or while day-boarding or waiting to visit with our veterinary staff. We have roomy, ground-level kennels available in the back for larger dogs or for older dogs who have trouble jumping into elevated kennels. Our kennel staff cleans the kennels several times a day, and our boarding services include food & medicine administration and extra play time in our spacious, fenced yard at no additional charge.

Updated Exam Rooms

All of our exam rooms have been furnished with new cabinetry and exam tables, and freshened up with new paint in relaxing, neutral tones like taupes and lavenders. Here, we provide diagnostic services, physical exams, wellness check-ups, and general medical care with the highest level of courtesy and professionalism.

Our New Surgical Suite

We love our new, light-filled surgical suite! Since we have two state-of-the-art surgical stations, including digital radiology and ultrasonography, we can perform everything from routine scheduled surgeries like spaying and neutering to emergency surgeries—all on site. We also offer laser therapy to speed healing post-surgery.

Our New Dental Suite

Good health for your pet often begins in the mouth. Our new dental suite features deep red walls and a high-tech, elevated table equipped with everything we need to provide initial dental cleanings, ongoing dental care, and dental surgeries. It’s never been easier for us to offer improved oral care and hygiene for your pet.

Our New Pharmacy

Your pet’s medical needs often include prescription medications. Our updated veterinary clinic now includes a full-service, pet-friendly pharmacy. We offer everything from monthly preventative heartworm and flea and tick medication to antibiotics. All of our prescriptions are 100% guaranteed by the manufacturer, so you know you’re getting safe, quality medications without having to wait at another pharmacy or pet shop to get them filled.

Our New Yard

Dogs who board with us or who are enrolled in our Doggie Day Care always get plenty of exercise. Our boarding and kennel managers take dogs outside to play in like-sized groups in our large, sunny, fenced-in yard at least twice a day. If it’s particularly nice out, we may go out more often or stay outdoors longer. Unlike other dog boarders in the Greenville area, we don’t charge extra for additional playtime—we like being outdoors as much as your pup does!

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