Celebrating National Veterinary Technician Appreciation Week

Today kicks off National Veterinary Technician Appreciation Week, and in celebration, we’re turning the spotlight on our fabulous vet techs.

Ambassador Animal Hospital wouldn’t be nearly the warm, welcoming place that it is without the compassionate care that our veterinary technicians consistently provide for our patients—and for their pet parents! We like to think of our veterinary technicians as the oil that keeps the practice running smoothly, from intake to discharge and everything in between. Technicians are typically the first medical personnel you see when you bring your pet in for a visit; they welcome you, talk to you about your pet’s health, take vital signs, and, in general, create a calm, soothing environment for you and your pet.


What Do Veterinary Technicians Do?

It might be easier to list what veterinary technicians don’t do. Technicians aren’t allowed to make a diagnosis, perform surgeries, or prescribe medications, but they are skilled nurses who can perform many other tasks at an animal hospital—and our veterinarians rely on them for a lot.

Veterinary technicians draw blood, run lab work, monitor anesthesia, bandage wounds, perform prophylactic dental cleanings, place catheters, administer medications, and perform laser therapy. More importantly, veterinary technicians provide our patients with comfort and peace in the middle of a place that can get hectic and a sometimes frightening for your pet. Technicians are usually the ones who are there comforting your pet before a procedure and the ones who are there when your pet wakes up from surgery so that they aren’t afraid.

Between their regular medical duties, our veterinary technicians are there to pet and play with the animals in our care and give treats to our brave patients. Your pet’s favorite person at Ambassador Animal Hospital is probably one of our veterinary technicians!


Meet Our Veterinary Technicians

We have three fantastic veterinary technicians at Ambassador Animal Hospital. Our senior pet nurse, Violet Charles, has been with our practice for the past four years, and we couldn’t do life without her. Carri Smart joined the Ambassador team this year and has already demonstrated her skill and expertise in animal care. Kayla Bridges has been with our Ambassador family part-time over the past three years, and our patients love her calming voice, and sweet demeanor. All three of our technicians are passionate about making a difference for animals and for their families.

Carri comforts a patient while Kayla preps for surgery.

Our kennel manager Mimi takes a wheelchair-bound dog for a walk in the rain.

Violet running bloodwork in our in-house laboratory.


Why do you love your job as a veterinary technician?

Violet: “ I love my job because it’s a warm passion in my heart. I have a voice that matters, for the unspoken. The animals that I help and love, help me in return. I feel a connection when I am with animals, and feel I was blessed with a sort of understanding, that allows me to give them the extra care they deserve. TLC goes a long way! Also, I get to help owners understand and gain knowledge of both specific and basic animal care. I am enormously appreciative of what I’ve gained and learned at Ambassador, from the doctors and other technicians, and from my patients and clients as well. I wouldn’t trade it for the world!”

Carri: “I love my job because from start to finish, I get to help animals and people. I have not found any other job that allows me to be so involved, and makes me feel like I’ve made a difference. I also get to learn new things and meet new people all the time. I really love what I do. It took trying out other industries for me to realize that this is exactly what I want to be doing.”.  

Kayla: “I love seeing a pet’s health turn around after treatment. Even more, seeing a client’s reaction when their pet is returned to health. I also love the variety and unexpected nature of each day.”

Our veterinary technicians truly make Ambassador Animal Hospital a great place to work and the best place for companion animals to receive care in Greenville, SC. We are truly grateful to work with these ladies each day. They make our jobs easier and more rewarding every day.

Ambassador is a full-service animal hospital with a state-of-the-art surgical suite, an in-house diagnostic lab, an emergency care unit, a boarding kennel, and much more. To schedule an appointment, contact us at (864) 271-1112. You can also download and print any of our client forms at home for a faster check-in.

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