8 Gadgets for Cats that Make Your Life Easier

If you are one of those people who loves fun techy toys almost as much as you love your feline friends, you’ve come to the right place! Bored with plain old yarn or fuzzy little catnip mice? Fatigued from run-of-the-mill litter scooping? We’ve got your back! We have put together a list of exciting toys, gadgets, and cutting-edge aids to spice up your Cat Life. This list will get you started. There are lots of other great cat toys out there.

The Latest Fun Toys for You…Ummm, We Mean Your Cat

Shru, The Intelligent Cat Companion

This is one of our top picks for cats who spend a lot of time indoors and whose owners may be away for long work hours. This amazing egg-shaped toy mimics the movement of a small living animal, giving your kitty hours of fun, exercise, and engagement. See it in action here. It responds to your cat’s play style, veering around walls and objects, and works on-and-off all day. It is rechargeable via USB to eliminate the need for constant new batteries.

Eyenimal Digital Video Camera

Do you have the curiosity of a cat when it comes to wanting to know what your feline is up to while you are away? Then this is the perfect toy for you! You can finally see the world through Ginger’s eyes. This tiny camera conveniently attaches to her collar and can record up to 2.5 hours of activity (even in the dark) before needing to recharge. It’s motion sensor signals it to stop recording when it is time for a cat nap.

Whistle 3 Dog and Cat GPS Tracker and Activity Monitor

Ever wonder where in the world Pepper wanders in the great outdoors? Now you can track him! Whistle 3 Dog & Cat GPS Tracker & Activity Monitor attaches to your cat’s collar and syncs with your smartphone so you can monitor Pepper’s comings and goings, giving you insight into his ramblings. And of course, if he goes missing, you’ll be much more equipped to find him and get him home. You can even set up multiple Whistle safe places that send an alert should your pet wander too far.

Calming Pheromone Collar

You know those cats—the ones who freak out and destroy the house when left alone. Or dart frantically from room to room, for no apparent reason, as if they see and hear something we humans are clearly missing. Even better—the cat who meows non-stop day and night. Thankfully, there’s help! The feline calming collar—there are several good brands to choose from—replicates the calming pheromones produced by mother cats, a scent your upset kitty will remember. These collars are proven effective at reducing separation anxiety, excessive meowing, marking, and destructive behaviors.

Catit Flower Fountain

Do you have one of those kitties who’d much prefer to drink from the running sink than from his own bowl of cool, fresh water? Sure, it’s endearing and entertaining, but we can’t leave the water running all day. This fun little fountain gives your cat that moving stream of water he loves. It offers various gentle streams of filtered water at the perfect height for kitty, hydrating him and entertaining him at the same time.

SureFeed Microchip Feeder

This gadget is perfect if you have multiple cats who steal one another’s food or a cat whose diet must be monitored for a number of reasons. SureFeed is an electronic food bowl that functions off of specific collar tags within a certain range. It can be programmed to respond at limited times for cats on a weight-loss regime.


This amazing toy that allows you to interact with your cat through your smartphone while away from home takes baby monitors to the next level. You can play laser pointer with kitty from the office. And even watch and record his play! This electronic device allows you to watch, speak to, video, and even dispense treats to kitty—all through the app. While it is not a replacement for in-person quality time, it surely helps make up for time apart!

Litter Robot

Tired of stinky cat litter and endless scooping? Don’t be ashamed to admit it—no one enjoys either of those little inconveniences. But there’s a litter box that can save you from both: Litter Robot, an automatic, self-cleaning litter box. OK, so this one is a little pricey, but you might find it totally worth the cost, especially if you have multiple cats. It automatically sifts and separates clumping litter waste after each use. Your only job is to empty the drawer and add fresh litter. Sound too good to be true? Check out these Litter Robot reviews on YouTube. It comes with a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee and an 18-month warranty in case you decide it’s not for you or your feline companions.

There are so many fun and helpful techy gadgets on the market for cats and the humans who adore them. Cat owners have great options for making cat life more exciting and interesting. Or to help keep your kitty safer and happier. Ambassador Animal Hospital would love to hear about your experiences with these or other unique cat toys and gadgets. Feel free to email us to let us know your favorites!


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