Ambassador Animal Hospital in Greenville, South Carolina. Where Fur is Family.

 Our full-service animal hospital in Greenville, South Carolina serves clients and their four-footed family members in downtown Greenville, Taylors, Greer, and other surrounding areas. We treat each new patient like part of the Ambassador family because we know your pet is a part of your family.

Our Greenville
Veterinary Services

Ambassador Animal Hospital in Greenville, South Carolina offers state-of-the art technology and dog and cat services at family-friendly prices.  

We are a one-stop-shop: we provide in-house diagnostics, wellness care services (including annual check-ups and vaccinations for your dog or cat), emergency animal care, medical care, surgical care, cat and dog dental care, and laser therapy services. Be sure to check out our convenient online pharmacy for parasite prevention, dental health maintenance, flea and tick products, prescription diets, and more.

Ambassador Animal Hospital Greenville South Carolina

Ambassador Animal Hospital Greenville In-House Diagnostic Lab

In-House Diagnostic Lab

Sometimes, a physical examination alone is not enough to accurately diagnose your pet. With our in-house diagnostic lab, our veterinarian can provide diagnostic services to quickly figure out what is wrong, getting your four-legged family members back on their feet as soon as possible. We offer radiography, ultrasonography, and on-site laboratory testing.

Ambassador Animal Hospital Dog And Cat Vaccinations In Greenville South Carolina

Dog and Cat Vaccinations

In addition to providing yearly dog and cat vaccinations at our Greenville animal hospital, we offer a full range of wellness services. Preventative care is where our dedicated, understanding staff really shines. We love partnering with you to keep your dogs and cats happy and healthy, providing them a high quality of life from the time they are puppies and kittens through old age.

Ambassador Animal Hospital Emergency Veterinarian Pet Care Greenville SC

Emergency Vet Services

We are a fully-equipped emergency animal hospital in Greenville, able to handle your urgent care needs during our regular office hours. Contact us for daytime emergencies as it’s often easier and less stressful for animals to receive emergency vet care in familiar surroundings. Remember to stay calm and call us before your visit so we can be ready for you when you get here.

Ambassador Animal Hospital Medical Care in Greenville SC

Medical Care

Our Greenville veterinarian medical services include internal medicine, dermatology, cardiology, endocrinology, and medicine for critical and chronic conditions such as diabetes and incontinence. Our full-service veterinary clinic can diagnose and treat your dog or cat’s condition in-house, and our online pharmacy makes it convenient to order preventative medicines.

Ambassador Animal Hospital Veterinary Surgery in Greer Greenville Taylors SC

Veterinary Surgery

Our Greenville animal hospital specializes in surgical services for your dog or cat. In addition to emergency surgical care, such as suturing your dog or cat up after an accident or removing a foreign body, we also perform routine, elective surgeries, including spaying or neutering your dog or cat, declawing, as well as biopsies, mass, and cyst removals.

Ambassador Animal Hospital Cat and Dog Dental Care Greenville SC

Cat and Dog Dental Care

Regular, professional dental cleanings for your dog or cat keep your pet healthy. Many serious illnesses begin in the mouth, especially if plaque has hardened into tartar, trapping bacteria beneath the gumline. Schedule an appointment for a yearly dental cleaning—and talk to us about at-home dental care for your dog or cat while you’re here.

Ambassador Animal Hospital Laser Therapy in Greenville South Carolina

Laser Therapy

Scheduling laser therapy treatments at our Greenville animal hospital is a great way to help your pet recover from a surgery, reduce the pain and inflammation associated with an injury, such as a sprain, and improve nerve function. Laser therapy is also effective for wounds, arthritis, ear infections, lower urinary tract infections, sinuses, and more.

About Our Practice

Ambassador Animal Hospital opened in Greenville, South Carolina in 1966. Since then, we have cared for hundreds of pets with high-quality services and a friendly atmosphere. More recently, Dr. Elizabeth Alexander moved to Greenville to take over the practice, bringing her expertise in surgery, her passion for excellent animal care, and her deep caring for the individual pet with her. After taking over the practice, Dr. Alexander expanded our services and updated our facility. We look forward to continuing to grow along with the Greenville community.  

Become a New Client

We are always excited to meet new clients. Drop by our animal hospital in Greenville, South Carolina to talk to us and make an appointment in person. Or, call us at (864) 271-1112 or book an appointment online to get started. We can’t wait to help you keep your new pet happy and healthy for life!

Meet Our Ambassadors

The dedicated team at our Greenville animal hospital gives your pets the best veterinary care. We see ourselves as ambassadors for your pet’s happiness and health—we strongly believe that well-educated pet owners are the foundation for proper pet care, which is why we make sure you never leave our Greenville veterinarian office with unanswered questions.

Get in Touch With Us

We are conveniently located near downtown Greenville at 715 Wade Hampton Boulevard, Greenville, SC 29609. Our office hours are 8:00 am until 6:00 pm on most weekdays. We also offer Saturday hours from 9:00 am until 12:00 pm.